The Music Video Origins of Wanlov the Kubolor – T A P E

The Music Video Origins of Wanlov the Kubolor Wanlov the Kubolor is a vagabond. A disruptive force in the Ghanaian Afro-pop scene through his tongue-in-cheek lyrics and provocative music videos. The Ghanaian-Romanian musician, filmmaker, cultural icon and social commentator does not “make music videos that fade[s] away”. And he has produced several iconic music videos such as ‘My Toto’ and ‘Coz of Moni’, which expose the contradictions of hypersexuality, Ghana’s treatment of the LGBTQ+ communit

The dark side of forest conservation: Who are the Sengwer tribe? | Living

In 1954, the Embobut forest in Eastern Kenya was registered as a protected public forest. This land is the ancestral home of the Sengwer tribe of hunter-gatherers. The right of the Indigenous Sengwer community to dwell in the forest is recognised in the Kenyan Constitution which states that “ancestral lands and lands traditionally occupied by hunter-gatherer communities” are community lands. However, since 2009 the Sengwer tribe has been systematically targeted and violently evicted from Embobu

The history of anti-racist student occupation movements in the UK

Students holding a banner reading “Free LSE rerum cognoscere causas” outside St Clement’s Building / Photography via the Beaver, 1966 Universities are intense hotbeds of activism. Students have time, energy, and are often undergoing their first major political awakenings as adults. Last year saw high profile anti-racist action take place at academic institutions across the country. First, there was the Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action (GARA) in March 2019, led by students of colour. They succes

ghanaian governance and fish farming —

In the latter half of 2018, a fish poisoning scandal caught the attention of the Ghanaian media and subsequently had a detrimental effect on the sales and consumption of tilapia in Accra. There had been rumours fuelled in part by over-embellished news reports of chemically poisoned tilapia from the Eastern and Volta region, which is one of the main sources of fish to the capital city. While this is an inherent structural problem within the Ghanaian aquaculture industry, the response of the Ghana

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